Sunday, April 2, 2017

First track meet of high school

Maria participated in her first high school track meet on Friday.  Her coaches wanted her to start with one race and build on that.  So, she did her 100m.   Last year we spent a lot of time with GLASA in Chicago getting training.  Friday, I picked Ella up and we drove about an hour away to the meet.  It was cold, but thankfully not too windy and no rain!  Ella was excited to see Maria race (she is really Maria's biggest fan).
We sat on the cold metal bleachers and watched Maria warm up on the other side of the track.  Ella was beside me cheering "Go Maria, Go!"  Even from where I was, I could tell her form wasn't correct.  Since her coaches don't have a lot of experience with wheelchair racers, I ended up on the end of the track helping her get into the correct position.  The upper classmen (with a boot on her foot) thanked me for the little training I did with her.  Since Maria was in a better position, Ella and I went out to watch her race.  She did great.  A really decent time for her (I'm thinking weightlifting for PE has helped build her arms up more).  She did amazing at keeping all 3 wheels in the lane with one of the back wheels just touching the inside of the white line.  Her time was 10 seconds faster than she has done in practice.
She was quite proud of herself too.  And I think she is more motivated to go faster......I'm trying to help her and give her motivation.  We will be having track meets twice weekly through April.....hopefully I will have the time and energy to update everyone on her progress.  The goal is for her to get as close to 20 seconds as possible on the 100m.....although it might take all of high school to get there (hopefully not).

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